Where Shall We Begin is a blissfully bittersweet body of music from Chloe Foy

It’s so easy to fall in love with Chloe Foy ’s music. Her voice harbours millions of individual emotions, spanning from grief to love, love to peace, and peace to bitterness - whilst sheltering everything between and beyond - within her words. So, it would be wise to assume that on her debut, Where Shall We Begin , sensations run wild, and are etched into every note on the record.

Album Review: Sunglasses For Jaws - Everybody’s Made Of Bones | Gigwise

Character concept albums are few and far between, so when one comes along I can’t help but be enticed by whatever whimsical or unappealing persons may be found within. On Everybody’s Made Of Bones, Sunglasses For Jaws introduce us to the eccentric Frank. A man played by the incredibly talented Olivier Huband, and one whose mind is slowly lost in a never-ending spiral of delectable psych-rock.
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